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Back-up Protection

Regular back-ups protect against accidental data loss which may occur because of:

  •     hardware failure
  •     software or media faults
  •     virus infection or malicious hacking
  •     power failure
  •     human error

See additional best practices in data storage on the DataONE site.


Security solutions can help prevent data being stolen or corrupted. Additionally, depending on the type of data you collect, you should follow appropriate security measures for maintaining privacy.

Data Security Classifications:

Unrestricted Data: Data, which if available to the public, will not harm an individual, group, or institution.

Sensitive Data: Data, which if available to unauthorized users, may harm an individual, a group or the institution, but is not Critical Data as defined below.

Critical Data: Data with the highest level of protection includes, but is not limited to, data restricted by law, data restricted by legal contracts, security-related data such as passwords and risk assessments, and intellectual property.

For more information on data classification see UF IT Security Policies. When considering security requirements, there are many important questions to ask:

  • What is the function or purpose of the data?
  • Is the data protected by law, such as FERPA, GLBA and HIPAA?
  • Is it exempt from public records law? Security-related data must be restricted. This includes but is not limited to passwords, vulnerability assessments, and physical facility diagrams.
  • Will the data be stored on an appropriately-secured host?
  • How will unauthorized access to the data be prevented?
  • Should it be encrypted for storage and/or transmission?
  • Do availability requirements change with time?
  • How is data restored if something happens to it? (Such as operations procedures, back-ups, etc.)
  • Do persistent copies of the data (such as backups) need special attention?

Secure File Sharing

Visit UF Integrated Risk Management Fast Path Solutions for current list of applications UF users can easily share files with members of both the UF and Non-UF community.