Research Data Planning

The University of Florida Libraries are here to assist you with data management planning, including the development of data management plans, supporting long term preservation needs, improving data discoverability, and meeting UF security and privacy requirements. UF Academic Research Consulting & Services (ARCS) offers unique expertise and services to support your research activities, including research data management planning. The Data Management Plan Tool enables the development of funder-compliant data management plans based on funder data management and sharing templates –

The management of research data requires specifying the file and folder organization of documentation. The TIER Protocol specifies the contents and organization of reproduction documentation for a project involving computations with statistical data. See: Project Teaching in Empirical Research (TIER) Protocol 4.0 –

Why manage research data?

  • Save time
  • Meet funding requirements
  • Increase discovery and reuse
  • Protect and preserve data

Data Management Planning (DMP):

Many funding agencies require that grant applications include data management plans. A data management plan is a formal document you develop at the start of your research project which outlines all aspects of your data and includes what you will do with your data during and after your research project.

DMP Tool:

Use the UF DMP Tool to create ready-to-use data management plans catered for specific funding agencies. Also included are example DMPs and funder requirements.
Additional grant text is also available: